The New Swarovski is a Wonderlab where magic and science meet.
Swarovski unifies all parts of its organization under one spellbinding idea and brings forward a wondrous new world of crystal craftsmanship. Known for enlightening the worlds of fashion, entertainment, science and design, and as an enduring powerhouse of culture and style, the next era of Swarovski starts today with a  dramatic  new  vision.


The Swarovski Holiday Collection pays tribute to 125 years of the brand’s bold vision, innovation and craftsmanship. The Collection features coveted designs re-imagined for the occasion, alongside daring and elegant styles that celebrate the beauty of Swarovski crystal. Swarovski continues its mission to add sparkle to people’s lives all over the world and make the Holiday season even more brilliant.


Swarovski sparks joy and brings sparkle to homes around the world with its eye-catching Fall/Winter 2020 Crystal Living Collection. The Collection features various offerings such as brilliant depictions of nature, a collaboration with Disney and Annual Edition Holiday ornaments, which showcase the brand’s exceptional mastery.


The new Swarovski Fall 2020 Collection continues to celebrate 125 years of heritage, rich history and commitment to the craft of sparkle. The Collection showcases the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, contemporary flair, and creativity. Timeless classics are re-imagined with a modern twist, while bold and daring designs empower women to express themselves and their style.



This Fall/Winter 2020 season, Swarovski’s Watch Collection celebrates 125 years of heritage, mastery and craftsmanship. Selected watches have been re-imagined with Swarovski’s signature blue as a special tribute to the brand’s milestone anniversary. From classic designs with a contemporary twist to innovative, statement styles, the extensive Collection of Swiss-made women's watches is designed to spark delight this season.